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    Who the hell are we?

    We are nuts, curious and super inspired by what we do.

    Our mission is to help companies, whether already in the market to evolve, develop and communicate in new ways, channeling crazy innovation into they’re brand.

    Our Work
    Our Work
    Our Work

    Our Super Powers

    We are digital solutions company for enterprises driven by creativity, technology and innovation with an array of overpowered moves and skills that help us power trought the boring stuff and rockets the projects to another level.

    Get to know us down here!

    The Team
    The Team
    The Team
    Josuéprofile image

    Josué Monteiro


    “Jusi” is the name and pragmatic is the game, when it comes to optimising there is no stopping this DEV.

    Rodrigoprofile image

    Rodrigo Ramos


    Is known for many names, but what everyone always says is, “how did you think of that?”, is the usual response.